Current Prepaid SIM Specials, and NBN Plans, Limited time, Please don’t miss out

No contracts and No Credit checks

Bring your own number.

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200Gb of data every month for $40.00 (ends 31st Dec 2020)

Unlimited talk and text to 28 countries

300 minutes talk time to the Philippines

Unlimited talk and text in Australia


Home NBN

  • Telstra Network (Mate)
  • Unlimited Plans, No Contracts
  • $59.00 25/5 Speed
  • $69.00 – 50/20 Speed
  • $79.00 – 100/20 Speed
  • Add $8.00 if you also want a landline

Scroll down to see directions on how to order





Click on the “Online Store”  on the above “Menu” and it will take you to my Online store

Click on the “Menu” on the top line “It looks like 3 lines on top of each other”

Open “Services”

Open “Residential”

Open “Mobile” or “NBN”

For “NBN” Plans Click on “Mate” and choose your plan

For “Mobile” Plans Click on “Amaysim” and choose your plan



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