How to earn extra income from home

Please read below to help understand the basic concept of how you can earn extra money from home for only a few hours per week.

You are welcome to watch this 15 minute overview which is the same information as below.

Have you ever done any of the following?

  • Connected electricity or gas to a home or business
  • Connected the NBN to a home or business
  • Purchased a new Mobile Phone
  • Changed mobile phone carriers to a better deal

Then you’ve done exactly what we do except we get paid for it.

I am a part time broker for many services including the above, I make money from home just by offering people a better deal on services they already use and pay every day. I don’t have to convince someone to try a new product, all I do is ask people if they are on the correct rate? I do this part time as I have 2 other businesses to manage as well.

What do we do?

  • We offer a free service to check if people are on the correct rate, that’s it, no smoke and mirrors or pressure to change anything,
  • We don’t put their details into any system so you can assure them they won’t get bombarded with emails and phone calls from other providers.
  • If we can provide better value than what they are currently getting then we show them the possible savings and give them the option to change over.
  • If they choose to change over then you receive an ongoing Monthly commission while they stay connected. I’m still getting paid a Monthly commission on services I brought over 6 years ago. I got paid every Month right through Covid!
  • They don’t have to join the business or pay a fee, all we are doing is introducing them to our service provider and you get paid a trailing commission for bringing them to the company.
  • Its a very simple business and just by doing the above by yourself you could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per Month.

What’s your mind set?

Most people go to work for an hour and get paid for an hour, if you want to earn more money you need to work more hours and this takes you away from family or leisure time.

If you want to earn more money with our business, you simply get more customers and get paid more Month after Month after Month. You can go on holidays or spend time with the family or have a whole day or week in bed, You still get paid because you have already done the work!

Swapping time for money (hourly rate) will keep you on struggle street.

The best thing about our business is you can grow it on the side while still working, but, in time this business will produce more income than your day job, giving you the choice of freedom.

What’s the next step?

If you would like to know more then please email me so we can set up a convenient time for us to talk on the phone.  After our call you will have access to all the online information and training that will explain exactly how everything works. You will then be able to find everything for yourself so you can make an informed decision about getting involved or not.

There’s no cost to do the training or see the information.

Once you understand how the business works you will see how you can get involved at no cost, the only cost to start with is your time.

Here’s the tricky bit! I want to work with people and help people that are interested in learning some new skills.  On the home page at the very end of my work history there is a question about a bath. When you email me to find out more, please answer the question so I know you’ve taken the time to learn a bit about me and the business.



Q. Is this another get rich quick scam?

A. No! I’ve been doing this for 6 years, I’ve earnt a steady Monthly income even though at times I haven’t done anything with the business for Months at a time.


Q. Why don’t you just give me all the information and the company name so I can google it and find out everything for myself?

A. Most people will look for the negative so they have an excuse not to get involved. There’s plenty of negative stuff on the Web, mainly posted by people that joined, didn’t follow the training, failed and then want to blame the company rather than look at themselves and the effort they put in. If you aren’t prepared to talk on the phone with me so I can explain what we do then it’s unlikely you have the mindset to run your own business.


Q. Is this a Pyramid or Ponsi scheme?

A. Pyramid or Ponsi schemes are illegal and usually schemes where you pay a fee to join, then for you to earn money you have to get other people to join and pay a fee. Some of these schemes might sell some products but they are just a token gesture to make them look legal. Our company operates in the most highly regulated industries like energy, mobile phone and NBN. We partner with large well known companies and they have all done their due diligence on us! We have been in business for nearly 30 years (16 years in Australia) and are in nearly 30 countries.  In 2004 the ACCC took us to court saying we were an illegal pyramid scheme, the Federal Court of Australia set aside all previous decisions and forced the ACCC to pay all court costs. In 2006 he ACCC appealed to the High Court of Australia (The highest court in Australia) but it refused the appeal saying there was little chance of success.  So the highest Court in Australia ruled that there was little chance of success to show we are an illegal Pyramid Scheme. After we have spoken I’ll give you the link to the decision.  The only way to earn any money with us is by acquiring customers that use your services, but that’s the same with every business in the world isn’t it ? “No customers means no money and no business”. More customers means more money, it’s pretty simple.


Q. Is this a “Network Marketing” or “Multi Level Marketing” Business?

A. ABSOLUTELY YES, BUT, if you don’t want to bug your family and friends you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month just by getting your own customers and never introducing anyone to join you. But please consider this, If you started the business and were earning good money, do you think you might meet someone that wants to earn money just like you? If you spent some time helping them to learn and get customers, is it fair that you get paid for your time when they start bringing customers on board? Of course it is fair that you receive some income when they start to acquire customers.

Can I please ask you a question?

If you opened a Cafe or any business would you tell your friends about your new business and probably give them a discount if they came and bought something from your shop or used your service? Of course you would and most people are comfortable taking their friends money in this scenario.

The difference with us is that we don’t ask you to take money from your friends, we ask you to save your friends money on services they already use and pay for everyday. You don’t have to convince them to buy a new product every Month or change their buying habits, all you are doing is showing them some savings on a bill they already pay and at the same time they are supporting you and your family.


if you want to know more then please email me at


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